Corrugated Display Stands

Use customized corrugated display stands to attract buyers and stimulate sales in e.g. retail-, convenience-, grocery stores and malls.

Through today’s production technology it is easy to create high quality display stands in corrugated board to use in marketing campaigns in everything from solitarily sites to global coverage. You can easily adapt the display stands for you brand, product and message with logos, images and eye catching colours. Please, see below the display stand that suits your need.

Corrugated Display Stands for CD and DVD displays

CD and DVD Displays

Expose your music, movies, games etc. with a customized display stand. Adapt your design, amount of shelfs and how many items you want to show.

Corrugated Display Stands for Counter displays

Counter Displays

Counter Displays in corrugated board or cardboard is an ideal way of exposing your products in a cost-efficient way.

Corrugated Display Stands for Floor displays

Floor Displays

Use a customized floor display to move your products from the shelf out onto the store floor to attract buyers.

Corrugated Display Stands for Hanging displays

Hanging Displays

Add a hanging display to create an additional dimension of your in-store marketing campaign.

Corrugated Display Stands for Pallet displays

Pallet Displays

a customized pallet display is a power full tool to expose your products in a store or marketplace. They are easy to move and normally prepacked before delivery.

Corrugated Display Stands for Peg Hook displays

Peg Hook Displays

Display your hanging products with a peg hook display; customized to expose your products in an ideal way.

Corrugated Display Stands for Dump Bin displays

Dump Bin Displays

Dump Bin Displays are commonly used in stores in which the products normally are heaped, often in a disorderly way.

Corrugated Display Stands for Magazine displays

Magazine Displays

Expose your magazines and newspapers in a corrugated display stands adjusted to the format and amount.